What is the purpose of a MRI?


The MRI will show where all the material is and where it has migrated to. It is also the road map for Surgery.

How does Dr.Gallerani remove the material?

After 15 years of Foreign Material/Silicone removal experience in the operating room the only proper way to remove the material is through excision. It CANNOT be removed through Lipo, Vaser, Cold Laser, Cool Sculpt, Cool Laser, Cool Lipo, Ultrasound, and/or Radiofrequency, such procedures will create a reaction that could endanger the health of the patient.

How much experience does Dr.Gallerani have removing Foreign Material Injections?

Dr. Gallerani has  over 15 years of experience with the removal of Silicone, Hydrogel, Biopolymer, PMMA, Synthol, Hylur Gel, Silicon 1000, Bio Droplets, Silicone Droplets, Alcamed, Aqua Gel, and all other injectable Foreign Material from the Face, Lips, Breast, Body, and Gluteus.

Does Insurance cover the cost of surgery?

No, Insurance does not cover the cost of Surgery. The product/injections were put in for Cosmetic purposes therefore Insurance does NOT cover the removal.

How long is the recovery process?

The Post-Operative follow up on a typical removal surgery is 1-4 weeks. You will need to be available for Post-Operative visits in the office for 7-10 Days after Surgery.

Can reconstruction be done at the same time of the removal?

No, Reconstruction is done anywhere from 3-8 months Post Removal. However every case is unique and this will be discussed with Dr.Gallerani after your removal surgery. Please see our Post-Operative reconstruction photos for a sampling of Reconstruction outcomes.